An Absolutely Amazing Church Sign

The Gospel?

In a moment of bored and random internet surfing, I came across this amazing image at  It came with no heading, explanation, etc.  I think it is an absolutely amazing picture.

I appreciate an astute Tblogger, almsthvn, for clearning me up on this matter.  This is not a real sign.  It has been produced on the website with the following link:  I guess the light blue words above the sign letters should have given me a clue.  Some of us are a little dense, and some of us are a whole lot dense.

I got to thinking about church signs.  Mine at this time says “Happy New Years!  May God Bless”.  Rather innocuous.  What if church signs had to be an honest statement of the attitude of the church?  None of this “we love the world” and “everybody invited” stuff.  Just honesty.  Here’s what I think some signs would have to say:

and, I know quite a few sad little (and big) churches which would have to proclaim:

and I guess my church would have to put up this sign:

Do you have a message to proclaim on your church sign?

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24 thoughts on “An Absolutely Amazing Church Sign

  1. If you look at the top of the sign, it says something like “random church sign generator”. If you go to that web address, you can create your own church signs.

    I’ve had a REALLY good time with that one like…

    I said CUT THAT OUT! — Love, God.

  2. Reply to: almsthvn
    “random church sign generator”
    Now, isn’ that something!

    In my time and experience, I have known many churches and ministers who would conduct their ministries with the same approach. I’m just not sure this is a phony sign!

  3. this rocks! I just left working for a church (2 years) and I think that one or two of your signs could be posted for us… although I think it is commentary on churches in genearl not just the one I went to.


  4. I love that site… my favorite of the one’s I’ve made and regularly send to friends is:

    “Get your lazy ass out of bed and be here by 9:30 or I’ll tell your wife about the porn.”

  5. Reply to: Sillygrrl3
    There comes a point, in working with a church, where we often find ourselves moving in a different direction. Or, sometimes, the church just stops moving. Then its time to go somewhere else.

    What sign was in front of that church when you left?

  6. Reply to: ruined
    I guess the sign maker, probably the pastor, was a little short of letters. Maybe he should try “Jesus wept.”

  7. Reply to: PastorDave
    um… I would say it would read something to the effect of:

    “If you are looking for FAKE real then you found your church home. If you are looking to be authentically real we are sorry there’s no room at the inn.”

    Or something about no questioning unless in approved forums.

    Or something about protecting the image of the church to the detriment of your spiritual growth.

    Or well – again any number of things that could apply to any random church in america in this day and age.


    You hit an owie. Can you tell? I am not sure I realized it hurt that bad. Maybe I should quit poking at the scab *Grin*


  8. Reply to: Sillygrrl3

    I’ve been burned, big time, in some church experiences. Except for a deep sense of calling from God that just would not go away, I’d be in sales right now, probably making a lot more money with fewer headaches! But, much less fulfilled. If it is a calling, you just can’t get away from it.

    In one church, the deacons (church leaders in my denomination) gathered with me and told me I was bringing in the “wrong” kinds of people. Poor, elderly, unattractive people were these, and they were not what the church wanted. I got out of there in a hurry, before God reigned down fire and brimstone. Of course it never happened; that church continues to creep along, devouring another pastor every few years. Another church became quite angry at me because I dared to invite black children to our Vacation Bible School. Many leaders quit, many started withholding their tithes and offerings, and many just opposed me at every level. I endured this for over a year before finding another place of ministry. So, I know a thing or two about challenges with a hypocritical and even “fake” church.

    I don’t think my calling is necessarily to be successful. Just faithful. Sometimes the church of today just plain stinks. But, if ministry with the context of the church is your calling, then you stay with it and you do your best. Really, you are serving God, anyhow.

    Stay in touch. I want to know your continued journey.

  9. Reply to: funkadelichika
    I like church signs, and make it a habit to notice them, especially when they present a thoughtful insight. Sometimes, though, the insight stinks!

  10. Reply to: PastorDave
    LOL – poor Dave!

    The one about the attractiveness and money rings true to me… How about a nice one saying something about, “It only counts on Sunday” or maybe, “God Says *they* Deserve It.”

    Sorry, feeling a bit angsty today.

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