An Absolutely Amazing Church Sign

The Gospel?

In a moment of bored and random internet surfing, I came across this amazing image at  It came with no heading, explanation, etc.  I think it is an absolutely amazing picture.

I appreciate an astute Tblogger, almsthvn, for clearning me up on this matter.  This is not a real sign.  It has been produced on the website with the following link:  I guess the light blue words above the sign letters should have given me a clue.  Some of us are a little dense, and some of us are a whole lot dense.

I got to thinking about church signs.  Mine at this time says “Happy New Years!  May God Bless”.  Rather innocuous.  What if church signs had to be an honest statement of the attitude of the church?  None of this “we love the world” and “everybody invited” stuff.  Just honesty.  Here’s what I think some signs would have to say:

and, I know quite a few sad little (and big) churches which would have to proclaim:

and I guess my church would have to put up this sign:

Do you have a message to proclaim on your church sign?

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